An Interview with Pinyo from Moolanomy

Pinyo is a thirty something personal finance blogger living in New York with his stay at home wife and small son. With English as a second language he began blogging to help improve his writing skills and to try to make “a little side-income.” One of his goals is to build a $1 million investment portfolio by 2017.

My opinion is he runs some of the best personal finance sites on the web. After asking Pinyo to include The Buck List on one of his sites (which he generously did) I asked if he would give a short interview. He agreed…

Buck: First, give us a little background on yourself.

Pinyo: Well, I am just a typical 30-something person. I have a wife and a son. I work full-time. The only thing that set me apart from most other 30-somthing is that I am also a blogger -- but blogging is becoming a common thing too. If you're interested in learning a bit more, I wrote a post about who I am and why I blog recently.

Buck: Tell us what Greatnexus is and the purpose behind it.

Pinyo: Greatnexus is a news reading site that brings together headlines from news sources, social media sites, discussion forums, blogs, and other content sites. The front page is focused on mainstream news and social media headlines. However, the rest of the site is organized into topical categories so that readers can drill down and focus on topics that they are interested in.

I started Greatnexus as a way for me to quickly stay on top of the personal finance and SEO niche. After a while, I decided to expand the number of topics and sites, and then made it public.

Buck: What inspired you to you to create Greatnexus when you are so busy with other projects?

Pinyo: I am a naturally curious type who likes to experiment and build things. I guess starting sites like Greatnexus and Personal Finance Buzz is just a way for me to satisfy that compulsion.

Buck: Out of everything you do, what do you think you have the greatest passion for and why?

Pinyo: If we limit this question to just my hobbies, the answer is working on my websites; especially Moolanomy Personal Finance. I think I like it so much because working on my sites allow me to do several things all at once: improve my technical and writing skills and knowledge, improve my finances (you can't help but learn more when you write about something almost everyday), increase and diversify my income (yes, I make a bit of money from these sites too), meet and network with different people, and help other people by sharing what I've learned.

Buck: Finally, can you tell us about any upcoming projects or what direction you will be heading in the future?

Pinyo: Right now, I don't have anything big and different in the works. I am just focusing on writing for my blogs and making incremental improvements on my sites. However, you never know.

Buck: Thanks Pinyo, and keep up the good work.

Pinyo: Well, Buck. Thank you for this interview and the opportunity to share my story with your readers.


  1. Buck, thank you for posting this interview and the opportunity to connect with your readers.


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