Sell Your Vintage Electronics To Harry Poster

Did you happen to end up with Grandpas garage radio, or the doily covered old black and white TV from Aunt Alice? It’s possible your dear old relatives left you with more than you think. To get an idea what your old TV’s and radios might be worth check with Harry Poster. Depending on the condition and age, they list items valued from $25 to over $5,000. Email them with a description and a photo for a free quote. If they want it they can travel or have your item picked up.

They are also looking to buy “old tubes and tube testers, ham gear, unusual and console vintage radios, signs and displays, unusual electronics, plus older manuals, books and flyers, and lots more!”

I will be paying closer attention the next time I am at a garage or estate sale and come across those old TV’s for sale for just a few bucks.

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