Federal Frugality?

Federal frugality is a rather sad oxymoron, and has been for quite a few years. While they might not practice what they preach, the advice they offer on various websites can still be pretty solid. Considering the amount of overlap of efforts at the federal level the following sites are probably just the tip of the iceberg of what they offer, but these were the three floating around in my favorites.

FCIC – They offer consumer information on cars, food, money, travel and everything in between. You can order the booklets they offer by mail or from their site. Quite a few are free and many are available as pdf versions for download. Check out their blog, GovGab, during your visit.

FTC – The Consumer Protection part of this site gives tips on how to avoid fraud and deception when buying almost anything, while surfing the internet, while considering charitable giving, and on and on. Make sure you visit “The Mall” to meet wacky FTC characters such as T-Bone, Mama Toni and Ovenry Man.

U.S. DOE – Here you can find all kinds of energy and money saving ideas and tips for your home and vehicle, and what the current tax credits are for energy efficient improvements to your home. Check out the Energy Savers Booklet available for download while you are there.

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