Give Your Doctor a Checkup

Most of us assume when going to a doctor that they are capable and know what they are doing. While the majority of them are caring, disciplined professionals we all read several times a year about doctors being sued for malpractice, disciplined by a state medical board or even having their licenses suspended or revoked.

If you are thinking about looking for a doctor or would like to investigate your current doctor, consider using the sites below. The amount of information provided by each state varies, but anything obvious or glaring should show up. Educate yourself and keep your family safe; give your doctor a checkup.

Doctor Scorecard: “This site is being built and operated by people that are free from ties to medical businesses, medical associations, hospitals, clinics, doctors, and even free from patient advocacy groups. This site is not part of a business and is not controlled by a company. This means that this site is a fair and unbiased location where we can exchange our experiences regarding doctors and medical businesses. We don't take sides and try to stay out of the rating system as much as possible.” Read more here.

Doc Finder: “It remains the only combined public online physician database in the nation that has its direct source of data from state government licensing boards and that also remains free of charge to the public.”

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