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When I was pondering what kind of a blog I was going to start I of course first thought about what I liked to read online, and that included several personal finance blogs and sites. Considering my attempts at the time to make money since losing my job I guess the subject matter sort of popped right out at me. I don’t consider this a “personal finance” blog because there are gaps in the subject that I don’t write about because they don’t interest me as much, such as credit cards, insurance, taxes, investing. I personally am interested in taxes (If the subject is lowering them! Otherwise it’s nap time) and investing (I have a tidy sum in my old 401k, mutual funds and a Roth IRA) but not enough to write about it. So The Buck List was never a traditional personal finance blog, just what interested one guy enough to want to share with others. Some of the sites on my list are like that, and others are a little more structured.

If you have any to add I would love to know about them!

The Dollar Stretcher – I found this site not too long after getting online in 1996 and I have been a newsletter subscriber ever since. The simple design and ever changing reader contributed content have kept this site at the top of my list. And to top it off editor Gary Foreman is a pretty nice guy, too.  

Yahoo Personal Finance – They cover it all, and also offer calculators and how to guides to go along with their catchy, clickable headline stories.

Wise Bread – You just never know what to expect in your inbox from this group of close to fifty contributors. With that many points of view you can be assured that they keep it fresh and interesting.

Unusual Ways to Make Money – Steve Gillman is all about marketing, making money and self-promotion…all of which he shares with his readers. I have lost track of how many sites he has but I have bookmarked some of them, and I think this one was the first I came across. Beware: reading his stuff is VERY addictive.

Personal Finance Blogs Aggregator – As of this writing this free aggregator of personal finance blogs has 22,150 entries from 716 blogs, and counting. If you are looking for something new to read or a different voice in the field take some time to browse this site.

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