When I created this blog in 2008 it was sort of an aimless, mist of an idea. I had some vague notion about trying to make money on the web by writing, but it had to be on a topic I knew something about. As I plodded ahead my confidence grew and the blog began to take form, truly a “List” of money making ideas and frugal tips, “The Buck List.”

Close to three years later I have to say it was a fun, challenging and interesting ride. It is also over, and I have no regrets except that I will miss you. Not many people write just for themselves, never expecting their jottings to be read by others. Most of us want people to read what we have to say, and I am no different. If a post meant enough to cause one, or more, of you to leave a comment…that was the best part of writing this blog. That we strangers could get to know each other just a little, and share some common bond…I don’t think I can fully explain how much that has meant to me. Thank you so much.

As for why I am moving on, I think the blog has pretty much run its course. I have grown a little tired of writing on the same topic, and while I have really enjoyed it I want to experience new opportunities. I don’t know for sure what I will do next but I have a list of ideas and plenty of interests to pursue.

I enjoy spending time with family, antiquing, freehand drawing, foraging, writing, target shooting, photography, fishing, reading, gardening, hiking, camping, cooking, traveling, curbing and, of course, making and saving money. So who knows what lies ahead…and isn’t that part of what makes life interesting?

Best Wishes,


  1. You will be missed!

  2. Best of luck in your new endeavors! I will miss the blog.

  3. Thanks for everything Buck! Perhaps we'll read your writings on one of your other interests in due course. Well done!

  4. I will miss this blog. I've really enjoyed reading it over the years.

  5. I just discovered this blog and it's already ended. oh the irony!
    Thanks though, there is still alot of great stuff here to read.

  6. Buck, I needed to find a minute to tell you I love you blog. I hope the archives stay online for a long time. I have learned a ton from your site and your input. Thank you. Good luck and maybe sometime you will turn up again. Melissa


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