Weekly Roundup

Relay Rides is a car sharing site that allows you to borrow a car from an owner in your area or to make money renting out your car. While currently available only in San Francisco and Boston it’s an idea that might catch on elsewhere.

Sports Reference says their primary aim is “to serve and delight our customers with the easiest-to-use, fastest, and most complete sports statistics.” I think they have achieved their goal.

To help alleviate the loneliness and boredom that many nursing home residents experience you might consider volunteering for the Bridge of Hope Nursing Home Pen Pal Program. To help out you commit to writing at least two letters a month to a nursing home resident. Visit the site for more information.

The rich are fully capable of making bad financial decisions. Here is the story of how a former billionaire’s wife ended up losing her antiques, her business and mansion and acquiring $66 million in debt in a matter of months.

Visit to search for the app you want, listed by platform. While I didn’t look at every app most of the ones I did included the word “free” in the description.

Weekly Reminder – A reminder of a useful article you might have missed.
In this post I compare what products we buy used vs. new.

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