Five Great Weather Sites

Call it compulsion or habit or whatever but when I first get online in the morning I check the weather, the news and my several email accounts, in that order. I remember catching the 10 PM news on TV with my parents as a kid and they would watch up to the end of the weather report then turn it off and go to bed. If the weather had been on first I’m pretty sure there would have been plenty of nights they would have just skipped the news altogether.

Checking the weather forecast in the morning of course provides fresher data than the night before, and because we get such a variety of weather here in Iowa (freezing rain, tornados, drought, floods, blizzards, thunderstorms, even thunder snow occasionally) keeping up with the conditions outside helps one to stay prepared. To that end here are five different weather sites that should help keep you aware of and ready for whatever blows your way.

Weather – Provided by The Weather Channel this site offers forecasts, maps, downloads and, of course, links to their shows.

AccuWeather – You can find news, videos and maps and can switch over to Canada and UK/Ireland forecasts.

National Weather Service – This is the federal government’s weather site and the information they provide is a little more extensive. While offering the usual maps and forecasts they also provide info on aviation and marine conditions, as well as a large educational section.

Intellicast – This one is my favorite, probably because I have been using it for several years now and I’m familiar with the layout. I saved the page to my favorites after bringing up my location, so now every time I check it the site loads with my local news, forecast and maps.

Finally, Time Temperature offers a valuable weather resource guide with loads of links to other weather and science sites.

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  1. Never heard of thunder snow before. Wow. When we lived in S. Dakota, we encountered
    "frostbite warnings" for the first time. That was pretty startling for a couple east coast city kids.

  2. Intellicast is my first online destination of the day. I work outside and its up to date accuracy is a great help.

    LOL, we had thundersnow a couple of days ago.


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