Confessions of a Cheap Dater

The following is a guest post by Jim Riley, who writes about money saving ideas and other finance related topics, such as credit card debt relief.

It’s Friday afternoon, your mind has left the office a couple of hours ago and you sit wondering how to entertain your significant other for the weekend. It used to be easy, before your wife was laid off. A simple search of the latest movie previews, or checking out the week’s entertainment at your favorite comedy club would usually result in at least one fun-filled evening. Now, the thought of buying two movie tickets, a tub of popcorn and a pair of Cokes seems absurd. Heck, you could buy half a week’s groceries for that kind of money.

You’ve managed to pay the bills for the month (which means you’re back to sleeping all night) but a boring weekend stuck at home can soon lead to self-pity and strained relationships. It is imperative you get out of the house and do something fun, but you have $4.26 in your pocket and you don’t want any more credit card debt. What do you do?

Get a dog for the day

Don’t have one? Go borrow one from a friend or family member and take it on an adventure. Dogs are the easiest creatures in the world to please. A walk around town to a dog is like going to Disneyland for a kid. Have a beach or lake nearby? Take them there, undo the leash and make a best friend for life. Good karma AND good exercise.

Get an ice cream

Just because you can’t afford to take your sweetie out for a candle-lit dinner doesn’t mean you can’t take her out. Eat a nice dinner at home and then tell her you have a surprise for her – if she’s nice to you. There are a number of fast food chains that now serve soft-serve cones on the cheap. Like 79 cents cheap. Pick up your cones and choose a nice spot to sit and watch the world go by.

Borrow a movie

Someone in your circle is notorious for buying movies as soon as they become available. You’ve always wondered why someone would waste their money on something they could just rent, but now you know. They buy them so you can borrow them. Return them promptly, thank them sincerely and chances are they will ask if you’ve seen the others they own. You’re now set up with your own little ‘free-flix’.


Do I have to tell you the benefits of asking your wife to take off her clothes, lie on the bed and relax? Few things feel as good as a massage and it’s free! When you’re done giving the very best massage you can, simply peel off any remaining clothes you may have on and announce “My Turn”. Done correctly, this could lead to an entire afternoon of entertainment that cannot be had at any price (in most states).

Ok, that’s it, now my shoulders ache from all this typing. Honey!

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