Weekly Roundup

Classic Cat “aims to make Classical music more popular by making it more accessible. It does this by providing an index to over 5000 free to download classical performances on the internet, sorted by composer and work. The site is specialized in audio files, but contains also some video, sheet music, lyrics and midi links.”

Joy of Baking is one of the most extensive, well put together recipe sites I have ever come across. If you like to bake, or want to learn how, this is the one to bookmark.

Beeline TV allows you to watch free online broadband internet television from around the world, including news, TV shows, movies, music, entertainment and sports.

Here is a graphic that illustrates how the unemployment rate around the country has changed since 2007.

CU Lookup is a locator of federal credit unions. If you are looking for lower fees and loan rates it might be worth looking into membership with a credit union.

Some recent personal finance posts I enjoyed reading. The End.

I have to make a confession, and I am only being honest. I have come to dread writing this part of the roundup, not because I have to write much but because I have to read so many posts before I finally find a couple of articles that I like. Well, I’m done with it. I think I am going to replace this part with a link or two to some websites that I enjoy that have nothing at all to do with personal finance issues, just to mix it up.

Maybe, in honor of Monty Python, I’ll call it “And now for something completely different.”

Weekly Reminder – A reminder of a useful article you might have missed.
In this post I list my ten favorite homesteading books.

Make it a great weekend!

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