10 Ways to Earn Fast Money

The following is a guest post written by Jena Ellis with Online Certificate Programs.

Whether you’re broke as a joke or just want some extra spending money, there are several ways to get paid without putting your internal organs on the black market. Here are 10 tried-and-true ways to earn fast money:

Sell Clothes

A quick way to earn money is to sell your gently-used clothes, shoes and accessories to resale shops that will give you money for the items they want. Depending on the brand, condition and style of your items, you may only get 50 cents for one shirt and $5 for another. Either way, you’ll make enough to buy dinner and free up some space in your closet.

Donate Plasma

Donating plasma is an easy way to make some great money every month. For every donation, you can expect to receive $20 on average. Some places will let you donate twice a week and give more money each time you donate. If you’re healthy, have two hours of your day to spare and not afraid of needles, donating plasma may be your best bet.


If you’ve got the time and determination to find work opportunities, freelancing can be a very lucrative endeavor. Freelancing isn’t limited to writing, editing or publishing either, there’s also computer programming, web design, consulting and graphic design opportunities on the web. If you’re talented in the field and able to meet strict deadlines, freelancing is an option worth exploring.

Sell Stuff Online

Craigslist, Ebay and other online marketplaces allow you to sell your belongings at your asking price. You are responsible for setting up an ad, describing the items and providing contact information. From furniture, books to workout equipment, your stuff can sell very quickly and you’ll be surprised how much some people are willing to spend on your junk.

Pet Sit

Pet sitting your neighbor’s cat, dog, bird or hamster is not only easy to do, but you’ll also earn some serious dough in the process. If not already instructed to do so, offer to pick up the newspapers, take out the trash and get the mail as an added incentive to pay you more. Once you get in good with one neighbor, they’ll pass on your name to other pet owners.

Clean Houses

Starting a cleaning service is a guaranteed way to make fast money because everyone has to clean their house, but most people would rather someone else do it for them. In order to keep people from hiring a professional maid service, you may have to drop the price or throw in some bonus services, such as doing laundry, organizing closets or polishing hardwood floors.


If you have childcare experience and like kids, babysitting is a great way to make some fast cash. Today’s babysitters can make upwards of $10 an hour or more to watch kids on a weekend night. Babysitting can be tiring, but at least you’ll be leaving the house with immediate pay-off.

Cash in Your Change

Take your dusty piggy bank to the bank or a coin counting machine to turn your loose change into dollar bills. Turning your coins into cash may cost a small processing fee, but either way you’ll be happy to have cash and not just 800 pennies sitting around.

Rent Out Your Space

Is your roommate moving out for the summer or do you have an empty room in your new house? If you’ve got a vacant bedroom, study or basement, rent out the space to a college kid or someone who needs a place to stay immediately. You can determine if you want to charge a flat fee or calculate bills into the rent, but first make sure they have a job and can afford to stay at your house before renting out a space.

Return Past Purchases

If you’ve been having buyer’s remorse for getting that designer purse or splurging on a flat-screen TV now is your chance to return those items and get your money back. Depending on the store return policy, as long as you have the receipt, the price tags are still attached and it doesn’t show any wear, you should receive a full refund that will go back into your pocket.

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