Frugal Recipe: Hobos, A Campfire Mainstay

This foil wrapped bundle of meat and veggies we call a hobo is one of the easiest, cheapest, and best tasting campfire meals you can make. When we go camping it is almost always on the menu. Beware: once you eat one you will be hooked for life.


One pound ground hamburger

Several potatoes



Any other veggies you like or have available in your garden

Your favorite seasonings (one that we have to use, besides garlic and pepper, is Cavender’s All Purpose Greek Seasoning)


Layer on a large sheet of aluminum foil: sliced potatoes, chopped onions, sliced mushrooms, celery, and whatever else sounds good, topped with ground hamburger rolled into small balls.

Add any desired seasonings.

Then reverse the layering until you end with a top layer of sliced potatoes. Fold the foil lengthways and then fold up the ends. I always wrap them again on another sheet of the same size with the seam down, for added protection.

Set the foil packet on the grill over the fire and cook each side for around ½ an hour. The grease from the hamburger mixes with the water released from the veggies and steam cooks the contents. Remove it from the grill, cut it open and eat right out of the packet.

Mix any leftovers with eggs and cook up for breakfast the next morning.

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