Weekly Roundup

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Neighborhood Goods offers is a site where you can save money and resources by renting out your own stuff or borrowing what you need from your neighbors.

Hot Coupon World says their site was designed to be operated “By Couponers, For Couponers.” Give this free site a look to see if you can find some good deals.

Posts of the Week – Some recent personal finance posts I enjoyed reading.
Number two on this list entitled 4 Frugal Things You’ll Never See Me Do made me chuckle.
This interesting post offers stats on what we do with our time.

Traveleyes “is a travel company with a difference. We provide holidays for both blind/visually impaired and sighted travelers, journeying together in a spirit of mutual independence.” Visit this unique site to learn more.

Like to get email? InboxDollars is a free site where you can earn money for reading 2 or 3 emails per day.

Weekly Reminder – A reminder of a useful article you might have missed.
I wrote this post about turning your hobby into income.

Car Review from a Tow Truck Driver

My wife and I recently had a vehicle break down (I will write more about that adventure soon) and called AAA for a tow. We found ourselves trapped in the cab for the 35 mile trip with a very chatty driver. Besides running us through his entire work history and calling his wife on his cell phone to tell her about his day one of the observations he offered was his opinion on the best and worst cars on the road. In his opinion the best car out there was the Volvo. In his 5 years of towing he had only towed four of them, and those had not broken down but had been in accidents or had flat tires. The worst vehicle? He said the Jeep Grand Cherokee was hands down the biggest piece of junk on the road. He had towed more of them by far than any other vehicle.

I have not owned either vehicle so I don’t have an opinion but I thought it was interesting to get a car review from someone who tows them every day.

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