Five Great Catalog Shopping Sites

Catalog shopping has been around for a long time, but the internet has made it possible to now shop without the catalog. The following sites offer a large variety of catalogs in both print and online formats. Regardless of how you choose to view them make sure to check out the clearance items many of them offer and some of the different options to pay for the products.

Catalogs – This site offers access to over 500 online and print catalogs, all for free. You can order a print catalog from the site or go directly to the catalog company's online catalog.

Buyer’s Index – This is a huge directory of catalog and coupon websites that offer all kinds of products and services to choose from. Use the quick search option or click the browse by category button.

The Best Catalogs – This is an easy to use, well laid out site offering 50 categories to choose from.

FlipSeek – They specialize in retailers’ online catalogs that you can flip the catalog pages just like the real thing.

Cyber Catalogs – They bill their site as a global mail order directory, where you can “search, compare, request and download over 1000 of the top premier US and international mail order catalogs.”

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