Put On Your Seven League Boots

I am currently reading a biography of the almost supernaturally gifted inventor Nikola Tesla. Most of the devices he invented he would envision fully functioning in his mind before he built them. In this passage he describes one of his visions and his formula for success.

“The pieces of apparatus I conceived were to me absolutely real and tangible in every detail, even to the minutest marks and signs of wear. I delighted in imagining the motors running…When natural inclination develops into a passionate desire, one advances toward his goal in seven-league boots.”


  1. I want to read that book after you!

  2. We were discussing Tesla not too long ago. Have you seen the movie Amadeus at the end, when Mozart wrote the requeim on his deathbed? Or recall the then deaf Beethoven "hearing" the 9th symphony in his head before he wrote it down? Sergei Eisenstein saw each section of his movies in his mind and then filmed them. No splicing or clipping or second takes. Or Michaelangelo salvaging the "ruied" chunk of marble and making "David" from it. It seems real geniuses are like that, no matter what their disciplines. They see the finished product and aim for it.

  3. As Napoleon Hill said, "What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve"


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