Nine Free Photo Storage Sites

With the advent of cheaper and cheaper digital cameras and other devices with built in cameras there are a whole lot of photos being stored on a whole lot of memory chips. My nephew has thousands of photos on his computer and phone and my daughter just bought a new chip for her camera because the original is full. Not too long ago we bought my mother-in-law, who does not have a computer, a digital picture frame as a gift and loaded photos of the family on it.

If you, like many others today, find yourself overwhelmed with an ocean of digital photos it might be worth considering an online storage site to not only help you sort them out but also to share them with others. After a little research I found the following sites for you to check out. Leave a comment at the end if there is one you think should be added to the list.

Post My Image - Files must be under 5 MB in size, there is not a set limit for bandwidth and each image has its own URL for linking.

Tuzulo – You can use Tuzulo for uploading pictures and files linked from emails, blogs, forums, eBay listings, craigslist, MySpace, etc. They have an automatic size editing feature and claim there are virtually no limits of any kind on the site. Register for free but be aware the site is ad supported and they place a leaderboard ad on user content pages.

XTupload – With this free site you get an unlimited amount of folders with unlimited images within a folder. Their FAQ page makes it sounds like you might want to edit your photo sizes before uploading while their main page claims they have “one of the most advanced image editors.”

Photobucket – Share and link photos, videos and graphics for free. You can create group albums that friends and family can contribute to and they offer a photo editor to fix photos and create special effects. There is a lot more on this site such as scrapbook and slideshow builders as well as an online photo gifts and prints store.

Picasa – Sign into Picasa Web Albums with your existing Gmail account, or open up a free Gmail account to gain access. Download their free software to edit and upload copies of your photos while leaving the original files on your computer.

Snapfish – Upload photos to your free account with the option of sharing just a few photos or entire albums with friends and family. They can then order prints and add comments to your Guest Book. You also have the option of installing their free software that uploads photos directly from your camera or USB drive.

Shutterfly – They offer free photo storage and sharing, free photo software, more than 400 borders and, of course, printing options.

Flickr – Upload your photos and videos to your free account and share them by invitation on the Flickr website, in RSS feeds, by email or by posting to outside blogs.

My Photo Album – They offer free accounts, unlimited storage of photos and videos and hundreds of themes and styles to choose from as well as a large number of printing options.

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  1. My question would be can you use these online sites to host photos for use on eBay?


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