Have a Mustgo Night

A few years ago while casually chatting with my next door neighbor the subject of what was for dinner that night came up. She said they were having Mustgo. Having never heard of it I asked what it was. “Any leftovers we find in the fridge must go. So we call it a Mustgo Night.” She went on to explain that they would try to get creative and mix up a batch of leftovers into some new concoction or just eat what was there as it.

Since then, while we already ate leftovers, we have made it a point to try and have an all out Mustgo Night once a week. They tend to be at the end of the week, and anything that has survived being eaten for lunch is targeted. If we don’t eat the leftovers separately we have three usual options: making a soup, making a casserole, or mixing it together with scrambled eggs or as a bake.

The next time you are facing a variety of mystery containers staring back at you from the fridge just pull them all out, get creative and have a Mustgo Night.

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  1. I guess I have Mustgo every day for lunch.


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