Frugal Recipe: Homemade Trail Mix

Whether traveling, camping, or just because it sounds good, homemade trail mix has been one of our favorite family treats for years. My wife, the lovely Lady Lon, agreed to share her recipe for this delicious, mixed up snack.


2 packages Corn Nuts (there are many flavors but my family prefers the original flavor)

1 medium size box of raisins

1 jar salted peanuts

1 can mixed nuts

1 can cashews pieces/halves

1 package sesame sticks (I find these in the health food section of my local grocery store)

1 package sunflower kernels

M & M candies, yogurt or chocolate covered raisins (I usually divide my trail mix in half & only put the chocolate in half of the mix)

Pretzels (If desired; I find they go stale quickly so if we are traveling I usually leave these out)


I mix everything together in a large bowl and put in air tight containers. If we will be traveling I put the mix in snack size baggies to make it more convenient to snack on the road.

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