What Does Money Follow?

I like the following quote because it’s bold and it makes you think. While pondering the meaning of it various names came to mind, such as Henry Ford, Thomas J. Watson and Bill Gates. Paul Hawken could have been describing any of their careers when he said:

“Money follows ideas. Money does not create anything at all, much less ideas. Money goes where ideas are.”


  1. Awesome analogy... Being creative by trade I despise money but sadly it's a necessary evil that I am learning to live with...



  2. That's short and sweet!

    I think another way to put it is that Money follows Value. Find or create something that will be valuable for customers... money will come...

  3. I agree with the statement money finds ideas. Many times people have said, "There is not enough money." When in reality there is an abundance of money. It might not be going in their direction, but it definitely is going somewhere.


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