What We Leave Behind

My Maternal Grandmother wrote four little books about her genealogical background, her childhood, coming of age and raising a family with her husband. One episode she wrote about was her Grandpa teaching her how to drive a car, even though she was a girl. He laughed every time she hit the curb, encouraging her to continue. I can picture the scene, and that memory and many others she wrote in the books have been preserved and passed down to future generations.

Grandpa wanted his granddaughter to succeed, and she did; his desire fed and assured hers. His encouragement made enough of an impression on her that a lifetime later, as an old woman, she made sure to write it down.

While it is necessary to discuss finances, and smart to be frugal, sometimes it is worth a moment to set those issues aside, along with all of our drama and problems, and ponder something most of us don’t give much time to. The day will come for all of us when our possessions are dispersed and our money belongs to others. When that time comes I hope we have left behind something much more valuable.

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  1. Thanks for doing this blog, it reminded me that I don't want my children remembering me for always being on the computer.


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