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For 50 years, from 1916 until 1966, America celebrated National Thrift Week, a “coast-to-coast celebration of American ideals like diligence, hard work, responsible consumerism, and smart saving.” Bring Back Thrift Week is encouraging Americans to rediscover thrift this year during the week of January 17 – 23.

Even after reading the About and FAQ pages I still don’t really understand what Knowledge Genie is for. They say you can “use Knowledge Genie to share and profit from what you know, educate employees, market new products, reinforce classroom learning, provide customers with the information they need, track and manage students, catalog documents, and much more.” Maybe you can figure out what all that means.

I once sewed a button onto a shirt, and there ends my sewing experience. The Sewing philosophy is "Women sharing their experiences and knowledge through their passion for sewing, building fulfilling relationships, and connecting their communities worldwide" They offer a forum, a dictionary of sewing terms and fabrics, tips, projects and a newsletter, among other things. Even to this non-sewer this site looks like a valuable resource.

Post of the Week – A personal finance post I found to be exceptional.
I really liked this take on the subject of what your most important financial decision will be. It’s not one of the usual answers.

For over 10 years Save On Phone has been analyzing and ranking long distance plans. Check out their Top 10 Cheapest Plans, as well as their rate calculator, where users can “plug in their specific long distance usage and instantly see a ranking of the top 25 plans in their area based on their calling pattern.”

I took the life expectancy test at Living To 100 and it told me I have 35 years left to live. Time will tell if that is true, but the test and my honest answers gave me a few things to think about. Go see how long you have left…if you make it past 2012, of course.

Weekly Reminder – A reminder of a useful article you might have missed.
I wrote this article giving tips on how to search for scholarships.

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