Weekly Roundup

If you ever find yourself and up to 95 of your friends, family members or coworkers in need of a free conference call (also recorded for free) make sure to bookmark Free Conference Call for future reference.

My Rate Plan offers to help consumers compare a variety of household services to determine which would work best. Categories include wireless, home phone, satellite TV, credit cards, travel, loans and financial, insurance options and internet access.

American Homeowners is a nonprofit organization that offers information on buying, selling and remodeling homes. Make sure to check out their blog and the freebie section.

Post of the Week – A personal finance post I found to be exceptional.
I enjoyed this well thought out essay/rant (Essant…Rassay…Rantay? I’m done) on people finding excuses to spend money.

Regular readers of The Buck List know I love frugal recipes and recipe sites. I came across Southern Plate recently and couldn’t stop looking around. Full of recipes “from below the Mason-Dixon line” this one is worth a visit.

The National Library of Medicine has a massive database of health-related organizations operating toll-free telephone services. This is another site worth bookmarking.

Weekly Reminder – A reminder of a useful article you might have missed.
Here is a frugal post offering tips on how to use what you have to cut the clutter in your home.

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