Weekly Roundup

This is a reminder to Buck List readers to take advantage of the offer of a free online personal finance course. Visit my original post on the offer for details.

Weathergal is “bubbly and fresh, and she will make you smile while you learn a quick fact or two.” Check out her site for weather facts, definitions of weather terms, videos and travel episodes exploring global weather phenomena. You can also sign up for free text alerts.

cashURwheels is “the only marketplace that connects private vehicle owners with advertisers directly.” If you have ever thought about plastering your vehicle with ads to make some extra money visit this site to see how it works.

I have highlighted video sites in the past, but Channels describes itself as the first DVR for web video, and includes an index of over 150,000 shows. And it’s free.

Post of the Week – A personal finance post I found to be exceptional.
Moolanomy offers some timely tips on how not to go broke over the holidays.

Search for cheap airline tickets and price comparisons on Cheap Flights. They also offer free travel guides and a deals alert newsletter.

If you have a need for royalty free stock photos, available for personal and commercial use, you will want to bookmark and use Public Domain Pictures.

Weekly Reminder – A reminder of a useful article you might have missed. Check out this post on how to get free TV show tickets.


  1. It looks like CashURwheels is for Australia... any hints on reputable services like this in the US?

  2. Nice catch. Most of the car wrapping companies I have come across charge a fee. I will do some more research and post any free, reputable and US based companies I find. Thanks for the heads up.


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