Ten Frugal Last Minute Gift Ideas

If your current financial situation is not allowing for traditional, material gift giving it’s time to think outside of the (gift) box. Even if you are buying traditional gifts some of the following ideas could make for a nice bonus gift. Offer them in the form of a hand written coupon or note.

Give a free night of baby sitting, giving the parents some needed time off.

Present a coupon for one house cleaning.

Offer a coupon to mow, snow blow, shovel snow, rake leaves, clean gutters. You get the idea.

How about a hand written promise to cook and deliver a full meal.

Offer a house sitting and/or pet sitting voucher for someone on vacation.

Give an oil change coupon, with you providing the oil and service.

Offer a computer help coupon to a less computer savvy friend or family member. We all have a few of those.

If you are trained in a particular profession, or just really good at something, offer your skills to help with a project.

Consider giving a book, movie, music or game from your collection that you no longer want.

Regift something you previously received but don’t want.

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