Don't Forget the Newspaper for Good Deals

The first few years of our marriage found my wife and I scrounging to save money and find deals, and one of our trusty standbys was the local newspaper. The Sunday edition was our favorite because of the load of coupons that came with it, and remains so to this day. While many today might not think about the lowly, archaic newspaper as a place to find anything but yesterdays news, this is a quick reminder of what you might find by picking one up.

Manufacturers and local grocery store coupons

Movie specials

Sports park coupons

Free classified advertising for items under a specific value

2 for 1 restaurant meal deals

Announcements of grand openings giving away freebies (sometimes including food)

Volunteer opportunities

Garage Sale listings

Employment listings

Many of the mid to large size papers also maintain a web presence worth a visit for additional deals and links to other sites.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve picked one up give it a try, you might be surprised at how relevant they still are.

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