Weekly Roundup

The Buck List participated in several carnivals recently. Check out the following for good articles that run the spectrum of personal finance topics. Thanks to the hosts for including my posts.

Carnival of Personal Finance Edition #227

October 19, 2009, Hodge Podge Edition of the homesteading carnival

Carnival of road to financial independence #12

29th Carnival of Pecuniary Delights – Money and Song Edition

Carnival of Savings 4th Edition

The Buck List received a very nice write up from the MSN Money blog Smart Spending, which you can read here. Thanks again Karen.

Try out Free Sharing as an alternative or addition to Freecycle and Craigslist to get rid of your junk or find something you need for free.

This might be the most obscure way yet that I have found to make money online: sell your Fruit Crate Labels. If you have any of these lying around, or come across some in the future, it looks like there is a market for them.

Post of the Week – A personal finance post I found to be exceptional.
The Washington Post ran this piece about “Frugal Fatigue.” Prepare yourself for quotes such as “it was a sad and scary time” describing forced frugality during the Great Recession.

Have you ever thought about furthering your education online or even going for a degree? Visit Online Degree Programs where they say they have “1089 Online Degree Programs and 115 Colleges in our database!” No money? Check out their 100+ Places to Get a Free Business Education Online.

Looking to borrow or rent an item rather than buy? Look around your area on Borrow Me for what you need, or consider some things you could rent out to make a little side cash.

Before you take out a mortgage or apply for a credit card visit the Center for Responsible Lending for some solid advice on getting the most for your money and traps to avoid. Also a great resource if you are already in trouble.

Weekly Reminder – A reminder of a useful article you might have missed. I wrote this little article on how to sell, trade or cash in your gift cards.

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