Write Your Will...NOW!

Rather than write yet another long, boring article about why it is so important to have a will I will give a brief summary and then just show you mine, which I copied and modified from a “How to Write Your Own Will” book.


Everyone should have a will, even if you are young, have very few possessions, no children or close relatives. While it serves as your directive to appoint guardians for your minor children and to distribute your assets, it also authorizes paying your bills (including funeral costs).

Name your executor and make sure they have a copy and know where the original is stored and will have access to it when needed.

If you are married and have minor children you and your spouse will need to decide on who would do the best job to finish raising your kids if you were to both die. Not a pleasant subject, but extremely important.

Pick two people to watch you sign your will, who will then sign it as witnesses.

Have an attorney look it over if you want, but you are not required by law to do so. If you have a rather complicated financial situation an attorney is a must.

There you go…pretty easy, huh? If you don’t have a will, get busy now! You will feel better knowing your estate and kids will be taken care of and you will prevent a lot of headaches from happening to the loved ones you leave behind.

Here is a copy of my will, with the names removed. If it fits your situation, use it. If not, change it around until it works for you.


I, _____, resident of the County of _____in the State of _____, being of sound mind, do make and declare the following to be my Last Will and Testament and expressly revoke all my prior wills and codicils and certify that I am not acting under undue influence, duress or menace.


I appoint _____, my wife, Executor of this my Last Will and Testament. If this Executor is unable to serve for any reason then I appoint _____, my brother, Executor.
The Executor is empowered to carry out all provisions of this Will.
The Executor shall have all statutory powers available under State law.
The Executor named shall not be required to post surety bond. I direct that no outside appraisal be made of my estate, unless required for estate tax purposes.


I give my entire estate to my beloved wife, _____. If my wife, _____, should die before me, then all of my estate I give to my daughter, _____ and my son, _____, in equal shares and I appoint _____, my father, as personal guardian of my children until they attain their majority. This concludes my entire Last Will and Testament

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this _______ day of __________,

20____. ____________________________________
(Testator signature)


This Last Will and Testament of _____was signed and declared to be his Last Will and Testament in our presence at his request and in his presence and the presence of each other as witnesses this _______ day of __________, 20_____.

(Witness signature) (Address)

(Witness signature) (Address)

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