Weekly Roundup

If you live anywhere close to a national park, monument or other sites make it a point to visit during the fee free weekend of August 15 and 16. Check out the NPS list of parks by state.

Homefair – If you or someone you know are thinking of moving check out their online tools to research the locations you are considering.

Cable TV, video games and the internet has given us the “first generation ever to grow up isolated from nature.” 70% of kids today have a vitamin D deficiency. Check out the NWF site for their Be Out There campaign to see what you can do to help get the kids back outdoors.

How do you know if what you are being charged for auto repair is fair? Check out RepairPal for “independent and unbiased repair estimates, user ratings and reviews, plus advice you can't get anywhere else.”

Visit The Financial Declaration of Independence assembled by The Dollar Stretcher and then take the next step.

Hound claims to be the largest online job search engine. Well, go see for yourself!

Looking for a good, simple homemade noodle recipe? Got one right here for you.

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