Ten Months Out: Confession of a Lazy Blogger

When I started this blog last September all I wanted to accomplish was to exercise my writing skills by posting about my attempts at making and saving money. I have really enjoyed keeping a regular posting schedule, which has forced a steady writing discipline. As for blogging money; I have made very little, which is entirely my fault.

CONFESSION (How NOT To Make Money Blogging)

My biggest problem is my half-assed approach to promotion. While I joined Blogged and Blog Catalog and a few others, I don’t have anything to do with My Space or Facebook, and I don’t tweet. I know, I know. The thing is I can’t bring myself to do it. I’m sure it’s money down the drain, but I just don’t want to devote the time to keep up with it all.

However, my Google analytics account tells me I am almost doubling my traffic every month, which is due to steady content and the few referring sites I do belong to. I know what I could do to bump up that traffic; I just don’t want to mess with it.

I have participated in dozens of blog carnivals, which can bring a brief surge of hits, usually lasting a couple of days. My first few months of blogging I would enter every post on up to three different carnivals, but now will enter maybe one or two a week, if I remember to.

Specific to my blog subject niche are Tip’d and PF Buzz, which I usually still submit posts to every week. I enjoy reading others articles on those sites, and it only takes half a minute to submit mine.

Another of my big no-no’s is I don’t usually leave comments on other blogs, and I don’t participate in forums. Like most internet readers I skim content first, and if something catches my attention I will go back to the beginning and read it. If not, I’m gone. While most of the personal finance blogs I read and subscribe to are useful, they are not particularly interesting enough for me to leave a comment. Looking at the lack of comments on The Buck List would lead me to conclude the same about my blog. As for forums, I guess they fall into the “don’t want to take the time” category.

So there you have it, my confession; contradictory but true. I will keep blogging for now (you have been warned) and hopefully will present something useful once in a while. And if you really want to know how to do it right, go visit ProBlogger.


  1. Hi Buck,

    Well done for stating how it is. And before you think I'm here to scratch yours (you know what I mean) know that I had to comment on this post for the simple reason to tell you not to give up.

    You can make a lot of money online and as a freelance writer it is possible to supercharge your earnings rather than just earning a pittance. Keep up your efforts and stay away from Internet marketing dream sellers. Those are the guys who will rob you of your last dollar and sell you $shit in the same instance.


  2. Monika - Thanks so much for the pep talk, we all need those once in a while and they can be hard to come by.


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