Is AAA Worth It?

That my membership card reads “Member Since 1995” probably belies my answer to that question. The two reasons my wife and I first signed up was because our used cars were not always reliable and we had small kids at the time. While the kids are now grown, we still have it because we still drive used cars, as do most of the people we know. Since the card covers the holder, rather than any particular vehicles, we have also helped friends and family with car breakdowns.

According to the AAA website members saved more than $2.1 billion by using discounts and offers. In addition to roadside service they offer wireless service, insurance coverage, discounts on prescription drugs and car rental. They also offer hotel discounts, currency exchange, entertainment discounts and travel agents that can help you plan a customized vacation.

I suppose AAA membership could be classified as more of a “want” than a “need” but it is a card I won’t go without.

Are you an AAA member? Do you think it is worth it?

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  1. It's absolutely worth it! One key locked in the car or one flat tire makes it worthwhile to me. It's good to know you've got someone to help that's not going to charge you ANYTHING to come and help you. Plus the discounts on hotels is a nice bonus. Their car insurance is nearly half what I was paying and it's for a higher coverage amount.


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