Focus On: Mother Earth News

This is third in a series of brief reviews of personal finance and frugal websites and blogs.

Mother Earth News might seem an odd inclusion to this series if you are not familiar with it. I remember seeing the magazine here and there as a kid and thinking it was for half-baked hippies. Discovering the online version as an adult made me realize how wrong that assumption was.

Since 1970 this magazine has focused on protecting the environment and promoting self-reliant living. They offer a free email newsletter and a huge archive of articles on their website about organic gardening, DIY and in season recipes, among many other topics. When you visit be prepared to stick around for awhile, there is a lot of good stuff to explore there.

Send me an email (BuckWeber at if you have a frugal or PF site you would like to see included in this series. If it belongs to you include a few lines about it and yourself.

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