Nothing is Neutral

Nothing in the universe is neutral. It either costs or it contributes.
- Stewart Emery –

This curious quote surfaced in a book I read a while ago and I wrote it down to keep and ponder because it struck me as being incorrect, to the extreme. I don’t know who Mr. Emery is/was or the context in which this statement was made, so my comments could very likely be way off. As a stand alone statement on the workings of the universe it made me think first, curiously, of my front lawn. It was the first example I thought of that both costs me money but also contributes to the value of my house. When I plant a garden again this spring it will cost me money in seeds and starter plants and watering; but it will contribute by giving me exercise and eventually harvested food. Thinking of the woods around me, and the give and take of nature in general, the only way I could agree with the quote is if it read “It both costs and it contributes.”

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