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Zazzle, formed in 2003 by Robert Beaver, is a site to create custom made items for yourself or to sell to others. You can design everything from t-shirts to skateboards, bumper stickers to posters and prints. FAQ here.

With no experience I was able to create an account, set up my shop and design and offer products for sale. This is pretty cool for a guy that as a kid had t-shirt options that either came from K-mart or an order form from the back of a comic book. My shop so far has had 106 visits and sold one t-shirt with zero promotion. I decided to wait to promote my shop on The Buck List and elsewhere until I wrote about it here, to give me a promo baseline of before and after.

Zazzle recommends you set the royalty rate for most of your products at 10% to 25%. They offer extensive promotional support and deals, especially around the holidays and during popular events such as the past presidential election. They also offer a pretty comprehensive variety of promotional tools to put on your blog or website.

Opinion: very easy to set up and use. Not a money maker for me yet, but I am going to add more products and start promoting my shop. I will write an update in a few months to let you know how it is going.

Have you tried Zazzle? Waste of time or money maker?

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  1. I used to shop at Zazzle.!! Its one of my favorite stores.


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