Giving of Yourself

Over the last few weeks I have posted ideas for homemade gifts that included Friendship Soup Mix, Homemade Noodles and Homemade Bread. This final post in the series has some ideas on giving of yourself. If your financial situation is not allowing for traditional, material gift giving there might be a few ideas here for you. Even if you are buying gifts as usual some of these could make for a nice bonus gift. Many could be offered in the form of a hand written coupon or note.

Offer to baby-sit, giving the parents a night out.

A house cleaning coupon.

Mowing, snow blowing or shoveling.

Cooking and delivering a meal.

Offer to house-sit and/or pet-sit for someone on vacation.

Oil change coupon.

Offer to help someone having trouble with their computer.

If you are trained in a particular profession, or just really good at something, offer your skills.

If none of the above would work for you consider giving a book or CD from your collection, or regift something you previously received and don’t want to keep.

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