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I imagine some of you will have had experiences with survey and reward sites while others have never tried a single one. If you’ve never tried them I would recommend you RUN AWAY NOW AND NEVER THINK ABOUT THEM AGAIN!! Just kidding, sort of…

I have registered with and used nine of them, to varying degrees of success and/or frustration. One point I would stress is if you are going try any of these get an email account that you will only use for this purpose because you are going to get A LOT of spam. Another is to make sure all of your profiles on each site are completed and up to date. The more they know about you the more surveys you will receive, supposedly. Here, in no particular order, are the sites and my reviews:

Greenfield Online

I registered with them in May 2008 and by early September, after 76 surveys tried and only one success for a whopping $2, I had to give up on this one. I would get part of the way into the surveys only to be rejected by the dreaded “You did not qualify but have received an entry in our sweepstakes.” This site earned me the least amount of money for the most time spent.

My Points

This reward site gives you points for clicking on email ads they send you, as well as promos they offer from their partners. I registered with them in August 2008 and have earned 1,200 points so far just by completing my profiles and clicking on the 1 to 5 emails they send me a day. The emails usually earn you 5 points, sometimes more, just to click on them and visit the partner’s sites. There are quite a few options with this site to be rewarded with points, which can be redeemed for gift cards from a variety of restaurants and stores. I like the site and will continue to use it for now.

American Consumer Opinion

I registered with this one in August 2008. I have received only one survey from them, but I did qualify and complete it. I just received a check dated 9/30/08 for $4.00 from them. Not bad for just one survey, but still only one so far.

Valued Opinions

This site has sent me nine surveys since August of 2008, only one of which I could complete, for .50 cents. Not much else to say about this one.

Your 2 Cents

This is another one that has sent me plenty of surveys, only one that I completed for $2.00. Their cash out minimum is $10, so most likely that $2 will be hanging out there tempting me to come back for a long time. They say I also have 11 entries in a $5,000 giveaway. There is hope yet!

Opinion Outpost

I have made a little money off of this one, or stand to if they ever mail me a check. They reward you with points, worth ten cents each, with a minimum of fifty points in your account to be able to redeem them. I hit 10 dollars in early September and requested a check, which I have not received yet. However, they state it takes 4 – 8 weeks for check processing and delivery. I checked my account with them before writing this and I have another $16.50 waiting for me! They send a fair amount of surveys, most of which I qualify for. The surveys are usually pretty short. This site has earned me the most money for the least time spent. I will stick with them for awhile.

Cash Crate

The above link is a shameless affiliate referral, I confess. Worth a try, though!
This is a reward site that can pay you in points and cash for completing offers. When I signed up with them in late August 2008 I was surprised how easy it was to make money with this site. Most of the tips for using this site can be found on You Tube. I received my first check from them for $15.35 in September (they have changed the minimum payout to $20) I have not tried any of the offers that require a credit card, and don’t intend to. If you read site reviews people either love this site or hate it. If you want to try it just make sure you follow the tips above and you are pretty sure to make some money.

Surf Bounty

Very similar to Cash Crate, but I don’t use it now for two reasons. One, I am already using Cash Crate, and one reward site is enough for me to spend time on. Two, I successfully completed two offers and never saw them credited to my account.

Own My Site

This is a new reward site I registered with in August 2008. The concept is to use them to search the web and buy from their merchants. When you become a “stakeholder” the more you use the site, the larger your percentage stake in their revenue. Since August I have earned around $4 and I currently own a 0.13% stake in the site. My biggest problem is remembering to use them for google searches. I am going to try to remember to use them more and see how it works out.

My over all opinion of the above sites would be try them if you are interested, but don’t think they will make you more than a little side scratch. Supposedly there are people out there making some reasonable money from survey and award sites but my experience has been less than stellar.

Have you tried any of these sites? How did it go? Have you tried any others?
I would love to hear your comments.


  1. Have you noticed that sometimes when they say they are evaluating you to see if you qualify for more surveys, it seems as though you ARE doing a survey but for free? I've noticed this at several of the survey sites. They aren't just asking me for my age, they are asking me which brand of something I use and so on. It seems slippery to me.

  2. Pinecone Research! $3 per survey and you only receive surveys you can complete. I typically get abot 1-3 surveys a month. You can receive payment via paypal, check, or more recently a load to card mastercard.

  3. I'd like to invite you and anyone else interested to check out the reward (and (kinda) similar) sites I'm a member of. I don't yet have ALL of them I'm on listed but most are, I believe. (Just click my name.)

  4. Swagbucks, e-Rewards, e-Miles are a few that I used. Over time e-Miles rewards have reduced but it all depends on what kind of rewards interests you.

  5. It's good to see an honest evaluation like this. I tried a couple of survey sites when I was unemployed, after reading lots of blogs that absolutely raved about certain sites, but I suspect that the reason they raved about them so much was because they were getting affiliate kickbacks. For me, it definitely wasn't worth the time and effort involved, especially once you consider the internet and electricity charges, and the opportunity cost (the time was time I could have been spending applying for jobs). So I quickly gave up, and never really earned anything. I agree with Anonymous' comment above - that sometimes just answering the questions to see if you qualified was like taking a survey!! After all, time is money! (
    Thanks again for sharing, Buck (great site name by the way!!)


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