Here I Go!

Well, here I go.

Writing a blog is something I never thought I would be doing, ever.


One almost overwhelming reason is because there are so many already out there.

A few other reasons are:

I always seem to be behind the times, never cutting edge.

It will take too much of my time.

There is no way I can come up with enough to write about.

I don’t know anything about it.

I am too old to do this; blogging is for the young and restless.

There is no way this will make me any money.

What all of the above have in common is this:
I don’t know the future and don’t fully understand what I am getting into here.

There, I said it, and I feel a little better already.

I have been experimenting with making alternative income in the real world and online. None of my forays have anything to do with getting rich quickly, most have to do with making a few bucks while sometimes pulling my hair out. The rest have to do with “Don’t Do This.” I will include some money saving ideas as well.

Remember: “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Starting this blog is just the next item on my list of ideas to try. My intention is to share this experiment with anyone that is interested and enjoys following a story. I will post here once a week to begin with.

My next post will be some personal and employment background to regal you with! The one after that will be about how I first made money using the Internet. Stick with me for a while, it might be interesting…


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